Car Wash Fundraising

Rock & Roll Car Wash is committed to supporting St. Bernard Parish Residents & Organizations. We would love to assist your organization with its car wash fundraising goals.

Who Qualifies?

  • Any non-profit organization
  • Local service clubs
  • Schools and their bands, teams, groups, and organizations
  • Community projects
  • Amateur youth teams (athletic, dance, cheerleading, etc.)
  • Churches

Customized Car Wash Fundraising Cards

Generating financial support for your school / organization has never been so easy or fun!

  • Rock & Roll Car Wash Car Wash provides you with customized fundraiser cards displaying your school or organization’s name, who or what you are raising funds for and a fundraising-specific 4-digit code on the front. On the reverse side are the fundraising date(s) and step-by-step instructions on how to use the code.
  • Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors or anyone wanting a clean car will use this code number to support your organization!
  • Distribute the cards to as many people as you want and ask them to go to Rock & Roll Car Wash and get their car washed. Most noteworthy, you don’t have to sell anything or collect any money!

We'll do the work for you.

How it Works
  • When your supporters come to Rock & Roll Car Wash on the pre-assigned date(s) and times, they simply select the $15 car wash at the Pay Station, enter the 4-digit code from the front of the card and then purchase the wash.
  • Every time the 4-digit code is used on the preassigned date(s) and times to purchase a $15 car wash, your school or organization receives a percentage of the purchase price!
  • As a result, all purchases using the fundraiser-specific 4-digit code are automatically recorded and calculated at the end of the day and your school or organization receives a check from Rock & Roll Car Wash.
  • Zero Selling Involved – cards don’t cost you anything.
  • Convenient – supporters visit Rock & Roll Car Wash the day of the fundraiser at their convenience.
  • Nothing to buy, nothing to inventory, nothing to deliver, nothing to spoil!
  • Easy to distribute and easy to profit!
  • Raise money quickly!
  • Zero orders to take!
  • No liability!
  • Can be done several times a year for the same group!
  • Just hand out cards. It’s that easy!
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